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Project Update


Salt Lake City will rebuild 600/700 North from 800 West to Redwood Road starting in 2025. The project reached an important milestone in March 2024 and is now almost halfway through the design phase. An Open House was held March 28th to share details with the community. Thanks to the more than 100 community members who came with questions, comments, and suggestions – these contributions will be used by the team as the design advances to completion later this year.  

A Street That Has It All 

The street is being designed to improve safety, provide more comfortable facilities for people walking, biking, and using transit, and to create a more welcoming corridor. These neighborhood-scale improvements will be made in balance with the regional transportation mobility needs of the area.600/700 North is a wide corridor and that means Salt Lake City can provide high-quality infrastructure for all modes and meet the project goals without reducing travel lanes.

Public Engagement

Salt Lake City is listening, and the project team is excited to be working with the community on a design that will transform the street for future generations while supporting neighborhood needs now.

Engagement with residents, businesses, and community organizations on the redesign has been ongoing since 2020. A survey of community members in summer 2023 generated over 1,400 comments. Trees, landscaping, upgraded bike lanes and sidewalks, traffic calming, and lighting topped the community’s wish list for improvements while speeding and safety were listed as top concerns.

Safety and Comfort

The design includes several strategies to address these needs including lower vehicle speeds and narrowing the road using center medians and curb extensions, which shortens crossing distance for pedestrians at crosswalks. Separated bike lanes will be built on each side of the street behind the curb and gutter, creating a much more comfortable cycling experience. Landscaped buffers with trees will create shade and beautify the street while providing space between cars and people walking and biking. These areas will also accommodate bus stops for people using transit. Additional mid-block crosswalks provide more opportunities to cross the street, and improvements to traffic signals increase safety for everyone.





Next Steps

The team will continue refining the design through the rest of this year and one more public meeting is anticipated before construction begins in 2025. To see the design and learn more check out the video above or visit the Study Process tab (link to tab).  Please contact the team with questions at and 801-618-1003.






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