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Studying Existing Conditions

The team has collected and analyzed data such as the number of vehicles, freight trucks, bicycles and pedestrians using the road. We’ve looked at the condition of the pavement, sidewalks, and utilities, We’ve present this information to the community so they understand the needs and opportunities and can comment on potential improvements. A final design is expected to be ready in 2024 with construction starting in 2025.


Community Participation

We will work with you to share updates on the project and collect your input on important design decisions throughout the process. We’ll engage with you in person at community events, through this website, email, social media, a project hotline, online surveys, workshops, and newsletters. Please sign up for emails so we can let you know about opportunities to comment and share how your input is helping decide future improvements on 600/700 North.

3-D-sections-preferred-081021_Alt 1.png

Concept Design & Engineering

Our team will use your comments along with the technical analysis to decide the road concept and begin the engineering work to design it. This process will run through the end of 2024 when the final design will be ready. We will be asking you for input along the way so the design reflects community priorities and addresses community concerns.


Public Open House

A public open house was held March 28, 2024. Click the button to review the information shared with the community.

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